Nutrissa® Serrapeptase



  • MIRACLE ENZYME - As an anti-inflammatory, nothing surpasses the ability of Serrapeptase to safely stop inappropriate inflammation in its tracks. No matter the cause or the location (it even crosses the blood-brain barrier), Serrapeptase gets to work stopping the inflammation. If that is not enough, it has the ability to dissolve any dead or nonliving tissue that may be gumming up the works, particularly mucus and inflammation associated with pain
  • 2ND GIFT FROM THE SILKWORM - This enzyme is produced commercially today through fermentation but was originally found in the silkworm intestine. The Silkworm uses it for instantly dissolving the hard cocoon to allow the moth to escape and fly away. It also uses it to help digest the tough mulberry leaves that it feeds on. This truly is the second gift from the Silkworm
  • DRcaps™ - DRcaps capsules are innovative HPMC capsules that can help protect dietary supplement ingredients from stomach acidity. Certified Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian Society, Halal and Kosher certifications.
  • MADE in USA in a GMP Certified and FDA Approved facility to maintain high quality, potency and safety of our products


Type: Dietary Supplements